Based on Ash's Guide to RPG Personality. Very much hoping this can be an useful tool for when you are stuck with your character's personality. Have fun ! ! (σ'∀')σ*。・゜+.*

According to the guide:

 Primary Motivators: "The underlying engine of your character’s life. It is the foundational theme of his worldview and, at a deep level, is what ultimately drives him to action. While any given act might be tactically pragmatic in service to short-term goals, the PM is there in the background influencing his aims and behaviors. 

Emotional Disposition: "The ED describes the general emotional set or “resting state” of the character. This doesn’t mean that the character is limited to the ED, it just informs you of the emotion the character is most likely to be experiencing at any given time."

Moodiness: "Moodiness describes how easily one feels strong emotion. It’s basically the level of emotional stability"

Outlook : "Outlook is one’s basic worldview, interpreting the world as being essentially good or bad."

Integrity: "Basic values regarding work and social interactions. "

Impulsiveness: "The ability to regulate one’s thoughts and actions. "

Boldness: "Willingness to face danger and enter into battle. "

Agreeableness: "General attitude towards people and the ability to handle new situations, tough choices, and interpersonal conflicts."

Interactivity: "Style and degree to which your character interacts with others. "

Conformity: "Basic relationship with cultural norms."

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